Sunday, March 23, 2014

BUX sites Real OR Scam

Hey Folks!! Sorry for the big late. I know it is more than a month. I got stuck up with some exam stuff. Still in the process but I will be here to give you the things you want.

So first of all I have to tell you that a new Facebook page has been started to this blog. It’s not NEW though. I mean I made it earlier. But I didn’t had much time to share the a page with you. So You can find the page in the sidebars. Give a like and share this with friends. Lots of stuff to come. I’ll give you the updates via Facebook.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Did you benefited from these

Google services

So after a long time,(I mean after 2 days :D) here I am back again. So I was thinking what to write today. Now I have told you about several things in this blog. Now you have a Facebook account, Gmail account. So now you all have connected to the Zuckerbergs’ network and Google network. Google’s network is very large. Google is the best place to work in this world. You may heard that. If you want to look around this you can watch a movie. I watched this around 6 months ago. “The Internship”. You would definitely like this film.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Social Security

make internet safe
Hey friends, This is Internet Salad. Last days I talked about music and also a noob’s guide to make an email and Facebook. So, making these things are really easy. But we have to keep them more secured. They includes the private information of us (some times). So it’s good to make them more secure. Even though they are secure to yourself, It may be not secure for hackers and others. So let’s talk about making the networks more secure. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Making Facebook - noob's guide and tips

make facebook
So folks, nice to see you again. how it’s going?  Not bad ah.

So Yesterday we talk about creating a Gmail account. Absolutely a noob’sguide. We are on the process of creating a Facebook account. So after creating the email account let’s see how to make a Facebook account.

Why creating Facebook? Connect with friends, share your stuff, see what your favorite celebrities do, join a group of your network with your school or office or university or any other else..lot mo to say.

So simply go on to from your browser. You can see a form bottom asking your details. Now you know how to do it, simple as making an email you see yesterday.

Making an email for Social Network Website - noob's guide

As I said before few hours earlier, I’m going to start the things from the ground level.
So many of you can be familiar with this things. But for the ones who don’t know or the orthers who want to enhance their knowledge can  refer this.

So let’s start the things right now. If you remember I said that i’m going to make things from Facebook.

So what’s Facebook. Facebook can be named as the most used social website of the Internet. Now it’s come to the 10th year. Made by Mark Zuckerberg 2004, In Harvard. Much much more to say if you want anything about history. By the way in my previous post I said about a film. “The social network”. It has the story for you. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Social Networks

Hey guys ...How it’s going....From my last post  I told you that I’m skipping music this time. So When I’m thinking about what to do next. I got an idea to start writing about Social Networks.
What is a social network ? Social network is a place where people meet and share their thoughts around the site. If you want a better definition  you can refer Wikipedia :D

Social websites

So what Social Network sites do? Normally in the basic level people use these sites to meet up new people. Teenagers are the ones who mostly make social networking profiles.  They make profiles to meet up people from opposite sex. That’s their age problem you know :p
Anyway, What are the popular websites that are among this social websites ? You know there are thousands of those here, in the internet. Popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler,  MySpace, StumbleUpon..... etc.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Virtual DJ Radio

How it's going everybody....
This is the next post of my blog.

These days all post are on music. I will consider about directing to another category here after. but I know you love music :p

First I started on talking about Internet. Then I jumped into the category music. Then we talked about dj console. But I think it's bit commercial though :D

Today its about online radio + dj music. You can listen dj music while you listening to radio :p

Anyway Let's start the things right now.

online music